Beautiful Engagement/ Family Portrait Session

Two beautiful families, soon to be united in marriage.  This is the first blended family engagement session I’ve done, and it was so much fun (and a great opportunity to flex my creative muscles a little ;))!  My gorgeous sis-in-law is marrying a wonderful man and I am sooooo lucky to be able to document this exciting journey for them.  I just love these people so much…Website-34 Website-355 Website-525 Website-536 Website-578 Website-598 Website-850

Is Summer a Good Time for Family Portraits???

Website-3656Absolutely.  Most people tend to schedule family portraits in the spring when everything is blooming, or in the fall for use in holiday cards or as gifts, but summer is a WONDERFUL time to capture pictures of the family!  The weather is just awesome this time of year.  Plus, the very best portraits happen when everyone is relaxed and having fun which is pretty easy to do in the summer.  After all, this is a time when we busy ourselves with fun activities like vacations, trips to the pool, summer sports, and camps.  We take tons of snapshots, but most don’t qualify as family portraits (group selfies don’t count ;)) and wouldn’t meet our standards for becoming wall art.  And there is nothing saying you can’t use a summer portrait for your holiday cards (I did for some of mine this year).

So now you’re thinking, sure, the skies are blue and the grass is green, but taking a family portrait in 90 degree heat doesn’t exactly sound all that great, right?  Well no, it doesn’t.  One of the absolute most important ingredients to a great photo is great lighting.  Time of day is absolutely CRITICAL to getting a great portrait in the summertime!  The clear blue sky may be gorgeous at midday, but it doesn’t make you look so good.  We are talking squinty eyes, big shadows from your nose, and lovely sweat dripping down your chin.  Not good, and no, it can’t just be “Photoshopped.”  This is why so many natural light photographers (me included) very strongly suggest scheduling your portraits in early morning or late afternoon.  We pros call it the “Golden Hour” when the sun is low in the sky and the light takes on a golden color, giving you and your fam that gorgeous glow.  In the summertime when the days are longer, this means the best light can be found even earlier and later than during other parts of the year.  Now as a mom of three, I know how difficult this is to do with kids.  But trust me, it will be worth postponing bedtime or moving naptime, or whatever you have to do for just this one day.  It will make the difference between a good family pic, and a gorgeous portrait you will forever cherish.

So what are you waiting for? Call me. 😉