Hi! My name is Kelly Regueira, and I am a photographer (and more importantly, a wife, daughter, sister, and mother of three precious babies).  My passion for photography began when I was just a kid growing up in Louisiana.  My parents gave me a really old film camera, and I found my calling!  I loved capturing the unique Louisiana landscape and wildlife, the rich culture, and most importantly the dynamic and fun-loving people.  Since then, I have traveled all over the world and am continually inspired by the beauty I see in architecture, nature, and people.

I found very quickly that I had a knack for capturing very real emotions and expressions of an individual’s personality.  I consider myself a lifestyle photographer, because I like to photograph people in a very natural way, almost as if we are simply getting a peek into a day in a person’s life.  I use natural lighting whenever possible, because I strongly believe that it produces the most beautiful images.  When I photograph weddings and other events, I try to capture even the smallest of details that are so important in helping to create the mood and style of the event.  Collectively, the images of your special event should tell your special, unique story.

Me and my youngest daughter. My kids are my biggest source of inspiration.


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